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Additions and Remodels

Home Additions and Remodels for Lake Anna, Virginia

Addition and Remodels

Expand Your Living Space

It’s easy to get used to your property as it currently exists. After a number of years, you might feel confined to your living quarters, stuck in the same old routine.
Perhaps you’re comfortable with your routine, but if you’re wanting to stretch your legs and change up your lifestyle, few things will do that quite as thoroughly as a home addition.
JO Contractors loves assisting residents in sprucing up and transforming their homes. We enjoy the prospect of making a home into so much more than it is right now. Whatever that looks like for you, however large or small of a change to your property it is, we’re up for it. We have the experience you need to make your home renovation a success.

Enjoying the Freedom of Big Property

Here in the Lake Anna region, one of the big benefits of living in rural Virginia is the amount of room you have to build your property how you want it to be. You don’t need to move across the state or country to find the perfect property. Your land is here at home.
Throw out an extra wing. Tack on another floor. Build a guest house. Draw a deck around your back patio. Whatever your vision is for your home, you can have it; and with our assistance, it’ll last for years to come.

Dozens of Years of Experience

In 1997, our founder, Jeff Owens, brought us together for the singular purpose of making homes more habitable. He brought 20 years of experience in selling building materials through Lowe’s. But more than selling the materials, he wanted to see them put to good use, creating sturdy homes and structures to last for generations.
When you work with JO Contractors, you can have confidence that your home is receiving the best treatment money can buy.

Get the Best in the Business

When it comes to major home remodeling, you shouldn’t take shortcuts. You want to be sure that your new rooms and features are just as sturdy and habitable as the others.
Contact us for our capable construction services. You’ll be satisfied with our results.