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3 Ways to Update Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Space

From porches and decks to patios made from concrete slabs, outdoor living can be achieved in a variety of ways. While these spaces offer room for entertaining and relaxing, outdoor living should offer a bit of style and function too. If you want to improve the function, look, and value of your home, consider one or more of these improvements to your outdoor living spaces.

1. Sunroom

A deck or patio are both sufficient if you want to spend some time outdoors. Unfortunately, these spaces will not offer much protection from the weather, making a patio or deck area more difficult or uncomfortable to use all throughout the year.

Today, many homeowners are turning their decks or porches into enclosed sunrooms. Sunrooms create an enclosed, conditioned space that makes you feel like you are outdoors without being outdoors.

Enclosed, all-season sunrooms can be used all year because they are heated or cooled when necessary.

A sunroom is also a great investment for your home. With the right design and installation, you can expect a return on your investment of between 60 and 80 percent.

2. Fire Feature

If you visit your local discount retailer or home improvement store, you will probably see a large selection of outdoor firepits and fireplaces. While these are effective, a custom fire feature specifically designed for your outdoor space and your family's needs will ensure this addition is valuable and helpful for entertaining.

You may not know which option is right for you and your needs because fire pits and fireplaces are both great options. To help make your decision, consider the number of people you believe would use the fire feature at one time. If 4 or less would be gathering around the fire feature, a fireplace will be sufficient. If a larger group of people will be gathering around the fire feature at one time while you are entertaining, a fire pit may be most ideal.

Either type of fire feature can be incorporated into your outdoor living space.

A firepit can be built onto a patio off of your porch or sunroom or on an entirely different area of your backyard. If you prefer a fireplace, consider incorporating it into your sunroom's design or a corner of your patio, which will create an intimate space to sit around the fire while still being close to others.

3. Outdoor Kitchen

Finally, any outdoor space that will be used for entertaining needs a functional outdoor kitchen. The amenities in your outdoor kitchen will depend on what you hope to achieve when preparing and serving food and drinks for your guests.

Serious cooks may prefer a kitchen that has both a charcoal grill or smoker and gas grill combination. This allows you the joy of slow-cooking certain meats while still having the ability to throw on some hot dogs and hamburgers to cook quickly.

A built-in refrigerator is also an ideal feature to include in your outdoor kitchen. Not only can this fridge be used to store beverages, but the fridge can also be a great place for temporarily storing meats, veggies, condiments, dips, and cold salads.

Include seating on your patio around your outdoor kitchen. Your family and other guests will be able to enjoy your company while you prepare different dishes all while spending time outdoors. Conversational seating, such as lounge chairs and a sofa, and a dining table set are ideal furniture solutions.

Whether you have a wood deck or slab patio, enhancing your outdoor living space is possible. To get started turning your ordinary living space into an extraordinary destination, contact JO Contractors today.